83 Cheap Street, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3BA


Our pharmacy now offers COVID-19 PCR and antigen testing services with rapid results.

Find out if you have COVID-19 and receive a "fit to fly" certificate.

Our PCR tests provide next-day results and are accepted by all major airlines (travel and testing requirements are liable to change). Our antigen tests provide results in 20 minutes. PCR tests we supply are self-adminstered "at home" tests.

Come in to the pharmacy or call us on 01935 812060 to get your test.

Pharmacy Opening Hours
  • Monday09:00-17:30
  • Tuesday09:00-17:30
  • Wednesday09:00-17:30
  • Thursday09:00-17:30
  • Friday09:00-17:30
  • Saturday09:00-14:00
  • SundayClosed